Vip Escort Anastasia

Anastasia is an escort who has been working with us for a few years. And has obtained enthusiastic reviews from all our customers. She is one of our best escorts for those seeking romantic sex, the feeling of being pampered and loved at all times, and serenity. Imagine going home tired and unmotivated after a long day at work and finding Anastasia ready to welcome you, to message you in the bathtub. Who prepares your favorite meal and who wants to motivate you to be a better person. She is a natural antistress and loves to caress clients while having sex with her. Hugging them, and romantically kissing them. Thea makes love intensely and passionately, with great professionalism and with the desire to make people happy. For Anastasia, sex is the only way to bring joy and erase stress in the world once and for all. She is a real girlfriend, but with her, you will only have joy and passion, not pressure, routine, and arguments. Thanks to Anastasia finally, you will see only the beautiful things in life, without worries and fear. The nights with Anastasia will be your outlet and will bring a smile on your face, will be the oasis of salvation in a nightmare. The first thing you notice about her is her beautiful face, flawless skin and big brown eyes. Another thing that will not pass unnoticed is her sexy body. A nicely toned and very feminine body, with curves in all the right places. If that wasn’t enough to get your attention she has a nice personality too. Anastasia soft and supple lips are just asking for you to kiss them!

Included services:


Meeting for dinner

Paid services:


Role play


In three

Erotic massage



1 HOUR > 170 euros

2 HOURS > 320 euros

3 HOURS > 450 euros 

You can let us know by booking directly online. Discreet, simple and very fast. We are open 24 hours a day and will process your reservation quickly. Also for extra occasions such as erotic massage or striptease at great prices. Order now!

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